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Ways of reading

Type of text

Main subskill(s) used

reading a novel when you are on holidays
extensive reading

reading a novel for an exam

 scanning or skimming (rapidly reading a text in order to get the main ideas and sense)
looking for a recipe that uses the only 2 ingredients you have in your fridge
following a recipe for a cake that you've never made before
reading for detail
looking for a connection on a train or bus timetable to get to a friend's new house
reading job advertisements when you need to get a new job
skimming, scanning or reading for detail ( reading to get the overall understanding of a text; looking for specific information)
reading a coursebook passage accompanied by a grammar exercise
intensive reading, reading for detail
looking at the menu in a restaurant
scanning (looking for specific information)

reviewing the legal documents before you get a loan for a new house
intensive reading, reading for detail
reading an email from a friend about how stressful their week has been
extensive reading
reading an email from your boss telling you that you are not doing your job well enough
skimming (inferring the writer's attitude; reading to get the overall understanding of a text and sense)
reading a magazine in the doctor's waiting room
extensive reading, skimming

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